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“Neutron VR are game changers!.”

René Batsford, Digital Innovation Manager, McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd.

The brief

McDonald’s came to us to create a virtual reality version of their restaurant for store customisation and rebranding running on pre-release GearVR hardware.

The solution

Neutron created a photorealistic VR experience with unique material and branding customisation running on pre-release GearVR hardware. We delivered a high quality solution in a very short time frame, in time for the Samsung retail pop-up event.

Store configuration tool

The early GearVR prototype has since evolved into a much more comprehensive VR restaurant configuration tool built for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift using the Neutron Visualisation Engine, allowing franchisees to configure and preview their choices and understanding the benefits much more effectively before committing to them.

“I first met Richard Coates and Dinesh Kumar at the Newcastle, VRTGO event and was captivated by their energy and clearly their talent at producing 3D environments. I subsequently found out that I had come across their work at a Samsung event and was blown away by the quality. What impressed me also was their background in gaming as well as their ability to deliver quality work on time, on budget. We have worked on a couple of projects together to date, one of which we showcased at a Samsung pop-up event which enthralled retailers who visited. I would regard Neutron VR as a highly dependable, quality business that produces excellent work. Couple this with their industry knowledge of gaming and emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality, Neutron VR will become a business many organisations will turn to in the coming months and years to produce outstanding digital work.  Neutron VR are game changers!”

René Batsford, Digital Innovation Manager McDonald's Restaurants Ltd.